Sometimes all it takes….

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is someone you trust and respect saying they see greatness in you. It’s time to embrace what could be.

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Too much adventure to talk about….

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So much time has passed since my last post and I have so much to share.

I did lose a lot of weight and am seriously fighting not to put it back on. (Apparently I have not mastered winter blues and horrific stress levels yet).

I applied to PhD programs last Fall (2012) Only 4 programs. I got an interview for my first choice and an offer of admissions…Crazy right!?! 

So yes folks that’s right I will be back in school this Fall (2013) pursuing a Clinical PhD!!! Whoot!!

 And with all that comes a massive move across country. I am excited and freaked all at the same time.

Next stop Colorado and so the real adventures of becoming Dr. KN’OW begin…

Crucial Year

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So this is it. It’s June and I am technically done with coursework I have to complete my thesis in the Fall and I will be done with my masters. How interesting. Well really it’s not quite that simple. I have a few clases to complete ( 4 in total: 3 short papers and 4 long papers + 2 math exams) and I have yet to collect any data for my thesis. I also have to take the GRE and apply for grad school and lastly I have a lot of weight to lose before the Spring interviews. Sigh! But I am not down for the count. I have started eating right and exercising and have already lost 20 pounds which gave me more energy.  I am working on pairing down my space so I am get my work done and preparing for the GRE. 2011 is a crucial year but I feel like it is all doable.  If  I am sucessful 2012 will see a new KNOW. It is not beyond my grasp with a little faith alot of work and God at the reigns I got this!

The Intro

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It’s time. After 39 years of self-loathing in various forms fully. This blog will document that journey. I am embarking on the incredible and real adventures in becoming Dr. KN’OW.